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I DO NOT OFFER TOOLS (unless you need a spanner)

In this ‘on demand’ world, the urge to get ‘what I want, when I want it’ is all pervasive and the area of executive coaching is no different. I work with busy people who have huge responsibilities and who have to withstand the pressures that come from being successful in highly competitive environments. So I […]

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER No.7: Get a Positive Charge

It’s a simple fact that the more external negativity you allow into your life the more down you feel. Now, there are sources of negativity over which you have no control and very little influence, but there will be areas where you can make a positive difference to your environment. THE CHALLENGE: To create a […]


THE CHALLENGE: To overcome inaccurate statements, self-talk and mindset.  My clients get to hear about this over and over because accuracy has a complex role in combating a very powerful adversary of self confidence: cognitive distortion. This may sound complicated (it is) but if I highlight the most popular forms you will know what I […]

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER No.5: Stop Comparisons

THE CHALLENGE: To stop using unfavourable comparisons to others as a stick with which to beat yourself. Look out for this popular trip wire if you are trying to restore some lost confidence. If you are comparing yourself unfavourably to those around you: friends, colleagues, even relations, then you are actively undermining your own position and […]


I really enjoy connecting with larger groups of people because the atmosphere is always buzzing and I really like to see people challenging one another’s perceptions (including my own). Of course these sessions, whether they be workshops, seminars, or set piece lectures have a very different dynamic compare to my 1 to 1 sessions: MAIN […]

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER No.4: Handling Criticism

The challenge: To take criticism the way it is intended and learn the lesson in its context. If we offer or simply think critically of someone in a negative sense, we are not seeking to improve or to support, but are simply passing judgement. On these occasions, there is something else at work which in most circumstances […]

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER No.3 : The Damage of Comparisons

Another unnecessary pressure we heap on to ourselves in an already pressured environment is when we compare who we are, how we look and what we have achieved, to others – & such comparisons are rarely favourable. THE CHALLENGE: MEASURE YOURSELF TO YOUR GOALS, NOT TO THE  PERCEIVED SUCCESSES OF OTHERS It’s time to measure […]

MAKE IT STICK! How to set goals & stop back sliding.

CLICK BELOW FOR THE VIDEO: MAKING IT STICK: understanding how to set goals & not backslide The workshop was conducted together with Adam Strong of www.xclusivecorporatefitness.com. In these excerpts, I concentrate on speaking about the ‘head game’ – not just the preserve of elite sport, but also vital in business and managing and sealing goals.