Personal & Group Coaching

Personal & Group Coaching

Whether the coaching sessions are intimate one to one discussions, group seminars, or larger workshop formats, the packages can still be tailored to meet specific requirements – but the dynamic will change depending on your required outcome.

Whatever your needs

  • leadership development
  • life strategies
  • business confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Workplace resilience

Coaching is not psychotherapy. A coach, together with the client, discovers the heart of issues, devises a plan to meet challenges, and ensures the plan is carried out to a successful conclusion: achieving goals. This can be done most effectively one to one but groups may also benefit despite the loss of the intimacy and confidentiality of the individual discussions.

Questions about Life Coaching

What if I struggle to achieve anything on 1:2:1 training?
Goals take time and effort. I don’t advocate fast fix results – we will make sure-footed progress that turns into achievement. Group sessions are tailored to ensure all share in this vision.

Business & Life Coaching is unregulated in the UK. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and bound by its strict code of ethics. I destroy notes when goals are met and have decades of success from being trusted with confidential information. No one but no one will share in your mentoring journey. Group sessions are informed of these trust rules as honesty is paramount if we are to reap benefits.

Surely close friends can help me?
Friends are there when you need them. However, opinions about what you should do rarely help you to achieve your goals (that starts with you setting goals & following a structured plan, seeing results and feeling awesome)